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Custom Vocabulary in Searchie



  • Doug Lietz

    So we type in two words for each entry? Like this... Political/Polymer

    Your example shows spaces on either side of the forward slash symbol, but when I do that, dashes are inserted to replace the spaces... so I'm guessing now spaces... correct?

    How does word capitalization play into this? In other words is this feature capitalization sensitive?

    It would be REALLY nice to have a feature to manually run this custom word script on videos that have been uploaded already, but that we have not yet done manually editing on. Is that possible?

  • Jake

    Hi there Doug,

    No sorry if the above interchangeable words with the slashes was misleading, the forward slash shouldn't be used and only 'Polymer' in the word list to help our transcribing distinguish.

    English Character Set

    For English custom vocabularies, your custom vocabulary is limited to the following characters.

    • a - z

    • A - Z

    • ' (apostrophe)

    • - (hyphen)

    • . (period)

    The feature is not case sensitive and you can include lowercase and uppercase however you'd like. 

    The last part would be a really cool feature you've suggested but right now it is only effecting files going forward.


  • Doug Lietz

    Thanks Jake.

    I see that the documentation for the custom vocabulary feature has been updated, to remove the references to the "/" marks, which is good. And the instructions now seem to indicate that the custom vocabulary list should be single words only… just the correct spellings of the words that are commonly misspelled in our transcripts. One word per line. Is this correct?

    Can there be multiple word entries? Like…

    >> Canadian Tire

    >> caulking gun

    >> Distressed Embossing Powder

    We have accumulated a list of 500 words now, that Searchie has been misspelling in our transcripts.Can you the 100 word capacity be increased?



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